History of the Semerenger Schbiallumbaschlecker e.V.

In the early 1980s there was a group of friends meeting on a weekly basis in a tavern like place in downtown Sigmaringen, called the “Weinstube Engel”. During the year 1982 two couples of the group got married. Getting married in Sigmaringen entitles the newly married man to take part in a special ceremony called “Bräuteln”, traditionally taking place on Shrove Tuesday. Dating back to the year 1723 the “Bräuteln” is one of the most important traditions of the carnival season in Sigmaringen. Long story told short, men get carried around the fountain in front of the town hall on a wooden pole while giving/throwing out candies, pretzels, sausages or other small gifts. Being from Sigmaringen it’s pretty much compulsory to join the event. Therefore the couples and their friends thought of something to wear for the special occasion.

The name was there first. Even though strange sounding and for some people hard to pronounce but name “Schbiallumbaschlecker” used to be a term of abuse for the people of Sigmaringen. They were said to lick (German: schlecken) the dishcloths (Swabian: Schbiallumba) of the kitchen from the castle during hard times.

Fitting to that name the further criteria for the costume were:

  • easy to make
  • not that expensive
  • no mask
  • the colours of Sigmaringen (red and yellow) and the ones from the Hohenzollern dynasty (black and white) should somehow be implemented

There were different sketches but the final design hasn’t been changed since then and still is the model for nowadays costumes of the club which was officially founded the year 1983 after the successful introduction at the “Bräuteln”.

German version